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At Imanis, our expert scientists work to advance the development of tomorrow’s medicines by creating top-quality oncolytic viruses and noninvasive reporter gene imaging reagents. At the heart of our imaging science is NIS, the sodium iodide symporter. Our proprietary NIS reporter gene imaging technology provides unprecedented clarity in long-term cell and virus tracking studies in small and large animal models.

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I have been a customer of Imanis Life Sciences for over a year now and have been nothing but completely satisfied. Their customer service has been the best I have received in the industry.

– Seth Thompson, Northwestern University

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NIS is the sodium iodide symporter. It is a membrane protein that drives uptake of iodine into cells. Mammals from mouse to man express NIS endogenously in certain tissues, including the thyroid, salivary glands, gastric mucosa and mammary glands. The physiological function of NIS is to concentrate iodine in the circulation for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. NIS is a reporter gene because NIS-expressing cells concentrate radio-labeled substrates (radiotracers) and this radioactive signal can be tracked and quantified through SPECT or PET imaging. Target cells or viruses can be engineered to express NIS in order to track them noninvasively in vivo. NIS can be used in small to large animals (and humans) for longitudinal imaging studies with non-immunogenic species-specific NIS.

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